Get the Event App

Forkfest is decentralized, so anyone can make a calendar or an app, in fact in 2019 there were two competing calendars. This year, 2020, a longtime Forkfester created a calendar and multiple events were added to it. Then, in the middle of the event, Aria DiMezzo, High Priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church, announced that we finally have a professional quality event app!

As with everything Forkfest, this app is unofficial but it looks pretty great. It provides an interactive map of the campground as well as opt-in messaging for attendees, and more. One challenge at Forkfest has always been letting people know what’s happening, when, and where. This app should help solve that issue as the Telegram chat room we’ve had for years is great for live chat, but important announcements from vendors can be lost in the shuffle.

Here’s how to get into the Forkfest event app:

1. Visit this site and get a free “ticket” to Forkfest. Remember, never pay for Forkfest tickets. This process just gets you an account on the app. You can use any email or name you want.

2. Download the Eventify app for Android or iOS.

3. Launch the app, search for Forkfest and you’re in! You can press “start networking” and login using the email you entered in step one.