Forkfest 2019: June 13th-18th

What is Forkfest?

Join liberty-minded voluntarists, anarchists, and libertarians in 2019 from June 13th until June 18th for the third annual Forkfest!  Forkfest is the yearly camping party in the woods that began in 2017 at Rogers Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.  It happens the five days prior to Porcfest and you’re invited to come and create whatever experience you’d like others to have.  No one is in charge and the event is decentralized.  (In fact, some people have different names for the event, including Somaliafest, Shirefest, and Banned Camp) It’s up-to-you what happens at Forkfest.

Mark your calendar now. Book your campsite ASAP.

There’s no cost to attend Forkfest besides the normal camping/RV/motel rates at Rogers Campground. Call them at 603-788-4885 to reserve your site – there’s plenty of space. Note, Rogers has limited staffing during winter.

Connect with other attendees before, during, and after Forkfest: