Forkfest 2024: Jun 13-16

What’s the plan for Forkfest 2024?

It’s Forkfest, which means no one’s in charge, so we can’t tell you what to do. What you read on this site is not “official” because there is nothing official with Forkfest. Some people may come earlier than the dates shown here. It’s up to you.

In 2024, Forkfest will unofficially be Thursday June 13th through Sunday June 16th.

The Porcupine Freedom Festival, which follows Forkfest, has become very popular, and we expect many to show up early just for that, so you should reserve your camping, RV site, or hotel room before the park potentially fills up. There has already been talk about Forkfesters locating campsites nearby each other, so you may want to check in with the Forkfest Matrix or Telegram chats or the Forum, then when you’re ready to reserve your site, call Rogers Campground ASAP at 603-788-4885 to lock in your reservation! 

What have people said about Forkfest?

Rodger Paxton


“I have attended all of them so far, so I hope to see you there.”

-Rodger Paxton, Porcfest Organizer 2018-2019

Jay Noone


“Much like Porcfest 10 years ago.”

-Jay Noone, Longtime Porcfest Attendee

Tim Condon


“Our own party that harkens back to the original ideal of the Porcfest, I think it’s just great. I’m really enjoying it.”

-Tim Condon, Founder of Porcfest

What is Forkfest?

Forkfest is the yearly camping party in the woods that began in 2017 at Rogers Campground in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.  You’re invited to come and create whatever experience you’d like others to have.  No one is in charge and the event is decentralized so there are no tickets.  In fact, some people have different names for the event, including Somaliafest, Shirefest, and Banned Camp. It’s up-to-you what happens at Forkfest. All you need to do to attend Forkfest is to reserve your camping, RV site, or hotel room at Rogers Campground!

Connect with other attendees before, during, and after Forkfest: